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Instant access to no credit check apartments owned by second chance landlords in your area. Evictions, bankruptcies or bad credit ACCEPTED!

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We own one of the largest up-to-date database of apartments owned by private landlords, who work with people that had prior evictions on record, apartment lease breaks, bankruptcies and other delinquencies, which eventually caused you to have bad credit. Once you gain access to it - You're 10 steps closer to getting approved. Guaranteed.


Our comprehensive database boasts hundreds of properties in and around your area offering you second chance landlords.


You will be given precise apartment and homes addresses to decide where you and your family want to live and settle down.


Get phone, email and website links on EVERY landlord who owns these properties, so that you contact them right away


View photos available for properties that you are interested in renting. Get the best idea of what they look inside and out


No need to Google any address. We will conveniently provide mapping for each property for better geographical location


Dedicated to serving our clients' needs. Our support is always available by phone, email and chat to answer your questions

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My coworker gave me this site and said, "it's the best database for finding no credit check apartments or apartments with bad credit". When I accessed it, I was so surprised at how many up-to-date apartments choices they offered. I would definitely recommend them!

Deena Berkovich


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Register and sign up for a plan that is best suited for your needs.


Get INSTANT ACCESS to all eviction friendly, bad credit and second chance landlord properties in your areas.


Directly contact these landlords to view the available units, apply within and get approved INSTANTLY!

Why are your listings BEST for me?

If you keep on applying at apartment complexes and get denied, you should stop waisting your money away. You'll never get approved with an eviction on credit report, a broken lease, hard delinquencies or bad credit. You need select landlords who will give you a second chance approval and WE CAN HELP!

What are my chances of getting approved upon signup?

Your chances are about 95% of getting approved with properties that we provide. Why? Because of the fact that these are not just your random apartments and homes. These are the second chance landlord properties and they are as good as gold!

How are you better than any other services I've tried before?

There are many questionable services available online in the industry and many do not even offer great customer support. We will provide you with a phone, email and even chat support online, when available to answer all of your questions or concerns.

Do I need a minimum income to get approved?

If you do not have a job or recurring income, there's no chance of getting approved. You must have at least a gross household income of $2000 to qualify for any of the units listed in our database.

What do the second chance apartment listings include?

You will be able to view ALL of the apartment and homes in your home state with detailed addresses, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, photos, landlords contact information (phone, email, websites), map locations and more.

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“After my divorce and an eviction, my world crumbled, so did my credit score, into low 400's. Not one complex wanted to give me a second chance. I had wasted application fees with so many of them. However, when I got access to No Credit Check Apartments, it was only a matter of days before I was approved for one. Thanks!!

-Mary Jay Stride

Chicago, IL 60660

Our blog provides valuable information to all those seeking approval with no credit check or bad credit.

No Credit Check Apartments

No matter where you live, apartments that do not do credit checks DO exist. Find out how to find them.

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Usually, an eviction is the hardest hit on your credit and may stay up to seven full years. There are ways to go around it and get approved.

No credit or bad credit

Close to 26 million Americans are struggling with their credit history as reported by TransUnion, Experian or Equifax.

No more getting denied because of your credit. Hard to find Second Chance Apartments are ALL HERE.

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