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Eviction friendly, Bad Credit, Low Credit or Bankruptcy – Approvals NATIONWIDE.

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“ User Reviews:

“No gimmick. Great apartments for poor credit."

Sylvia Martem, Bookkeeper

How do we have so much confidence?

You'll get connected with right type of landlords that bypass credit checks to get you approved. No Credit Check Apartments has been in business for 7+ years helping customers nationwide settle in affordable second chance housing, without much hassle.


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Why will your listings DO for me?

If you keep on applying at apartment complexes and get denied, you should stop waisting your money away. You'll never get approved with an eviction on credit report, a broken lease, hard delinquencies or bad credit. You need select landlords who will give you a second chance approval and WE CAN HELP!

What are my chances of getting approved upon signup?

Your chances are about 95% of getting approved with properties that we provide. Why? Because of the fact that these are not just your random apartments and homes. These are the second chance landlord properties and they are as good as gold!

How are you better than any other services I've tried before?

There are many questionable services available online in the industry and many do not even offer great customer support. We will provide you with a phone, email and even chat support online, when available to answer all of your questions or concerns.

Do I need a minimum income to get approved?

If you do not have a job or recurring income, there's no chance of getting approved. You must have at least a gross household income of $2000 to qualify for any of the units listed in our database.

What do the second chance listings include?

You will be able to view ALL of the apartment and homes in your home state with detailed addresses, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, photos, landlords contact information (phone, email, websites), map locations and more.