Is There a Chance for Getting Approved with a Past Eviction?

Apartments with no credit checks are usually hard to come by only because not too many landlords advertise them as such. It is rather a tedious process before you find a landlord who's willing accept your credit. You have to call around and it may take time.

However, there are still plenty of landlords who do not pay too much attention to your credit, and may certainly rent out their place to you regardless of your lack of credit, provided that you show a steady job income with paystubs or W-2's. Private Landlord vs. Apartment Complex. In most cases, apartment complexes do require rigorous credit checks in order to approve you. However, private landlords are more flexible in that regard. They would not concentrate on your credit history as much, but mainly on whether you're financially stable and able to make monthly rent payments. Generally speaking, if you looking at apartments in the $1000 range per month, then you must show steady income proof of 3 times the monthly rent or a Gross monthly income of $3000. If it's anything less than that and you have less than perfect credit, most landlord would automatically deny you. Offer to Pay a Higher Security Deposit. If a landlord is iffy about your credentials, it's always recommended to offer to pay a higher deposit so that you're allowed to move in. In most cases, any landlord would cave in to this idea, if you offered a significantly higher deposit, so that a landlord can feel confident about you. Provide Letters of Reference. The general rule of thumb is those who take responsibilities at work or at school are most likely to pay their rent on time. If you have folks who can vouch for you and give you a letter of recommendation about your qualities and your achievements, that would simply boost of your chances of getting approved by any landlord.

Worst Comes to Worst – Get a Co-signer! If you have no credit or rental history to get approved for an apartment, then it's best to just as a close friend or family member with good credit and income to co-sign for you. The unfortunate caveat is to this is if this person agrees and you fail to make payments to a landlord, then your cosigner automatically becomes fully liable for your rent payments. In order to avoid a good personal relationship with your friend or family member, it's always advised to pay your rent in full and in a timely manner.

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