How long does an eviction stay on my credit report?

Usually, if you ever got an eviction, it will remain on your credit report for the next 7 years. Evictions are the most serious of issues when applying for an apartment. You cannot even use a co-signor sometimes, because many apartment complexes outright reject any prospect with one.

You can get an eviction off of your credit report if you wait out the 7 years, at that point it will just fall off naturally without you having to do anything else. However, you do have the right to ask the leasing company that runs your credit to tell you the name of the tenant screening company that they use.


Can a judge overturn my eviction?

Most folks get evicted for a reason. And the reason is most likely when you have not paid your rent after all expiration dates have past. Landlord files in court and then you have a judgement against you, if landlord wins. Usually, they all win when payment is not received for rent.

However, you have a unique reason as to why the bill was not paid and potentially prove your case. If you lose your eviction, but you believe the judge made a legal mistake, when deciding your case, then you must appeal the court's decision. It mean, your case will go to a higher court.


How do landlords learn about my eviction?

If you've ever had an eviction, you already know that getting approved for another apartment might be challenging, if not impossible. When you apply thru your local apartment complexes, you would basically be wasting your application fees away. Every apartment complex will outright DENY YOU. That is a fact. You need a select private landlord for approval.

A landlord can learn about your eviction from various channels, such as tenant screening and credit report. They will also check your rental history records. So, basically, if you've gotten an eviction, there's no way to get rid of it or hide it.

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Frequently asked questions

How quickly can I get approved?

Once you tour the apartment or home and apply with the landlord, you can be approved within 72 hours.

Am I guaranteed approval?

As long as you have clean background, proof of income and extra deposit (if so requested by landlord), then your chances of are approval VERY HIGH.

Are there any other hidden fees?

There are NO OTHER FEES. Either you choose a Subscription or One-time fee. That is all.

Will you provide any support for me?

Absolutely! We provide phone, email and chat support online. You are never alone in the process.