How to Find Housing With an Eviction on Your Credit?

I am not going to sugarcoat it and state that it will be an easy task. No, it's definitely hard to find a good place with a tarnished credit, due to an eviction.


We all know that many apartments that advertise "no credit check" are probably not nice place to live, however, it does not apply to them all.

Many of the private landlords will give you a second chance and let you move in to their places. Some of the places will not be very clean, but others will be very well kept.

If you find a private landlord, chances are good that they will NOT pull a credit report on you. Some landlords plainly do not do that. All they will check is to make sure you have a clean background and proof that you will pay rent on time.


Make sure that you fully explain your situation and tell the landlords that you would not default on paying rent in the future. To best assure that is to make sure you provide a larger amount of the deposit and pay the 1st and last month's rent and your chances will significantly increase to get approved.

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