No matter where you live, apartments that don't do credit checks do exist. Here's how to find them.

No Credit Check Apartments

Your credit history is the most important factor that you must cherish for the sake of getting lines of credit, utilities, new phones and even an apartment. Most landlords like to see where you stand with regard to credit, but not everyone has one established.

If you're looking to rent an apartment, but afraid that you credit would be checked, then, you have to go with private landlord. Here are the few things that you can do to work around your credit history and rent apartment with no credit check.


How to find no credit check apartments near me?

No credit check apartments are sometimes hard to find, as most landlords go off of your credit score to determine your eligibility. However, credit isn't always the main indicator, as many outside factors can lower your score, even if you're a good renter. Cities, like San Francisco and New York might be a challenge to find no credit check apartments.

Although, places like Dallas or Houston will be very easy to get approved. It's all about the demographics, sometimes. Searching on Craigslist and Zumper are great alternatives and will provide you with amazing options. All you have to do is call the landlords of your choice, be honest and explain your entire credit situation. In most cases, you will get lucky.


How to rent apartments that accept bad credit?

Here are some important tips on how to rent apartments that accept bad credit. First, you need to prepare and offer a HIGHER security deposit. This is a great way to convince a landlord to accept you without greater liabilities that you will fail your monthly payments. It simply gives your landlord a financial cushion, in case something goes wrong.

Second, offer to provide references, such as co-workers or other professional references. References sometimes work in lieu of your bad credit score and apartments that accept bad credit will take your personality into account. Third, you can also search for month-to-month rentals as there are fewer barriers to worry about when it comes to credit.


Bad credit apartments are NOT necessarily that bad

Many people think that bad credit apartments are only for people with bad credit. The answer is 'no'. In most cases, the apartments are located in less affluent areas, where average income is below average. However, many apartments will most likely be fully rehabbed and quite nice and updated.

Bad credit apartments are sometimes automatically confused with Section 8 or other subsidized housing. Well, yes, some apartments will just offer the ability for tenants to live there using a variety of governmental subsidy program, but that does not mean that these apartments are necessarily bad in any way.


Landlords that accept evictions are quite unique

The riskiest landlords that you will find are the ones that are willing to accept a tenant with a history of prior eviction. Yes, there still such landlords out there, but you will have to do a lot of leg work to find them. It is not impossible.

Most cities do have private landlords that accept evictions, but they would be more prevalent in larger, democratically elected cities, such as Chicago, Los Angeles and Dallas and New York with abundance of apartments with no credit checks.

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