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Are you consistently getting denied because of either your Eviction, Bankruptcy or Bad Credit in general?

And the reason is simple. You are unfortunately applying with WRONG type of landlords or apartment complexes. We own the up-to-date database of direct access to HIGHLY selected landlords that do not do any credit checks. You can literally get approved regardless of your eviction, bankruptcy, past due medical bills or other bad credit. This is your ultimate chance to move in to great property within 72 hours!

What are my chances of getting approved upon signup?

Your chances are about 95% of getting approved with properties that we provide. Why? Because of the fact that these are not just your random apartments and homes. These are the second chance apartment landlords and they are as good as gold!

How are you better than any other services I’ve tried before?

There are many questionable services available online in the industry and many do not even offer great customer support. We will provide you with a phone, email and even chat support online, when available to answer all of your questions or concerns.

Do I need to have a clean background check?

Yes, absolutely! There will not be a landlord willing to approve anyone who’s ever had a criminal history or listed in sex offender registry. You MUST have clean background.

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“My eviction was in the way, everywhere I applied. Until I Googled and found these guys.”
Kiyanna Cunningham
“Quick move-in was what I needed. One of these landlords approved me with my 475 credit score.”
Sam Grier

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